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September 4th, 2011, 5:50 pm



Hi Everyone...

So I have so bad news... I dropped my tablet and the backlight is either broken or the connection has been lost so it's not working.. Basically I can turn on the computer but I can't see a damn thing. I know it works because I can see the faintest detail, but I can't possibly draw...

I need to have it fixed but it is both expensive and a long drive to the place where it gets repairs. A three hour drive to be exact. So I have to try to find some time to do that, as well as scrape together some cash to pay for the repairs.

Hopefully everything will come together and I can continue on with the comic asap.

So as you might have guessed by now, Chapter 3 will be uncharacteristically slow in its release.

Please be patient with me!!!

<3 Kite

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